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TEM Associates, Inc. | Connecticut, Long Island & NYC, NY


Another tool in the arsenal for ensuring the best outcomes

Sandler Training/TEM’s approach to evaluating salespeople is a superior alternative to the psychological, personality, behavior and aptitude tests typically used to determine a person’s likelihood of success in sales.

While these kinds of assessment instruments can provide accurate insights into a person’s psychological make-up, personality traits, behavioral style and vocational disposition, they ALL fail to accurately diagnose and identify sales-specific factors that can support or limit the ability of an individual to generate sales for your business.

Our sales-based evaluation instruments reveal with documented accuracy which members of your salesforce:

  • WILL sell and WHY, as well as which ones, with proper support and development,
  • CAN GROW their production, and by HOW MUCH

When you have this kind of information about your salespeople, you’re well positioned to take your company — and your sales — to the next level.