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TEM Associates, Inc. | Connecticut and Long Island, NY

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Originally Published on November 12, 2015

For the past 30 years, a combined 200 years of experience and over 1,000 real-world cases, Steve Taback and his team at SANDLER TRAINING/TEM are well equipped and able to help your company generate more business in shorter periods of time. It’s a proven fact that people buy emotionally and justify their decisions intellectually. Another known fact is that people buy for their reasons, not a salesperson’s. Unfortunately, most salespeople approach sales calls with intellectual information and logical reasons they believe should justify their prospects’ decision to buy.

With the above information in mind, TEM provides training and coaching that combines Beliefs, Behaviors and Tactics using a sales and management process that is proven to be effective, transferable and multipliable. Producers across a myriad of markets and industries have successfully applied this methodology – taking their businesses and practices to new heights and levels not previously achieved. TEM’s staff has both the knowledge and track record to help today’s growing companies rise to the forefront and excel in their marketplace.

Ready to see if TEM’s knowledge and track record can help you rise to the forefront and excel in your marketplace? Give us a call at 860-563-0480 Ext. 11 or email or click to Rate Yourself or Rate Your Sales Team to gain more insight about your Sales Effectiveness.

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