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TEM Associates, Inc. | Connecticut and Long Island, NY

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Assessments: Management Evaluations

Success in business is ultimately about success in sales.

Successful sales reflect the effectiveness of the people who manage your salespeople

Sandler/TEM Associates works with growth-oriented companies that demand useful insights to develop salespeople, sales managers and (ultimately!) sales to increasingly greater levels.


Unlike psychological, personality, behavioral or aptitude tests, a sales manager profile helps you to identify the presence of performance-specific abilities that are essential for increasing revenues through other people.

Our Management Evaluation can provide accurate insights regarding a manager’s ability to:

  • Coach other people generate sales
  • Hold them accountable...for the results you want
  • Motivate their "want" to do what you expect
  • Recruit new replace salespeople you've lost for various reasons
  • Grow revenues...from the untapped potential your salespeople have to offer