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TEM Associates, Inc. | Connecticut and Long Island, NY

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Assessments: Sales and Sales Management Candidate Assessments

Our ingenious Candidate Screening Tools –– with separate versions for Sales and Management Candidates –– help you to make ultra-effective hiring decisions. 

A Candidate Assessment offers a basic assessment of a candidate’s suitability for a position in Sales or Sales Management

The candidate assessment evaluates the potential for success of a candidate

In addition to an accurate prediction of how successful a candidate will be in a sales or sales management position, it can also predict how compatible the candidate will be in both your company and the marketplace you’re serving.


Both candidate assessments help you to identify the specific situations where your candidate may experience some difficulty performing as you are expecting them to perform.



Armed with this insight, we can then help you to determine:

  1. Where performance problems may develop ‘on-the-job’, and
  2. How to get them ‘up-to-speed’ as quickly and as easily as possible