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Assessments: Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a ‘snapshot’ of how your entire salesforce stands up . . .or, may be falling down . . . on issues that have a huge impact on your revenues and success.

The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) is the single most important collection of information about your company’s sales organization. The SEIA looks at the people, systems and strategies in your sales organization. It shows you how your sales people compare, as a team, with an ‘ideal’ and an ‘average’ firm in terms of their sales:

  • Performance
  • Training
  • Growth

It reveals:

  • Weaknesses that are common to your entire sales team
  • Undiscovered problems you'll want to correct
  • Areas of emotional discomfort that may be limiting their sales
  • Sales management problems that you'll want to address

It identifies:

  • Growth potential of your help you in your strategic planning
  • Training needs...and appropriate means of addressing them
  • Guidelines...for tracking selling behaviors and measuring progress