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TEM Associates, Inc. | Connecticut and Long Island, NY

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Assessments: Sales Evaluations

Close the ‘gap’ between your top and bottom performers

“When hidden weaknesses are present in certain combinations . . .
those weaknesses neutralize the strengths and skills of salespeople . . .
rendering them powerless to sell effectively”

Sandler/TEM Associates, a pioneer in the field of evaluating salespeople has, since 1985, proven experience helping growth-oriented companies find the insights they need to develop their people and their sales.

Our Sales Evaluations help you close the ‘gap’ between your top and bottom performers.

We use an advanced assessment tool to show you where the growth you want from your salespeople will be found and, how to get it from them as quickly as possible.

We help you knock down barriers to success by identifying areas that will respond to training and development.

Training is pointless if you don’t know what you need to improve in the first place.

With our Sales Evaluation, we can help you to ‘zero-in’ on problem areas and point out ways to close the gap between your top and bottom level performers.

A Sales Evaluation is a highly accurate tool, written in a non-threatening format. It provides accurate insights as to whether a given salesperson:

  • WILL SELL . . . and, WHY, or
  • WON’T SELL . . . and, WHY NOT
  • CAN BE TRAINED . . . to generate more business than they are now
  • CAN GROW their current production to an even higher level and, if so, BY HOW MUCH