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Providers of E-Mail TACTICS Worldwide

The TACTICS Program is the nation's newest sales reinforcement tool. Participants will receive a new TACTICS ‘card' via e-mail, every week for a full year. Each ‘card', as designed, is to address a specific rule taken from our workshops.

For Salespeople:

These reinforce successful selling skills and behaviors

For Sales Managers:

These provide you with the topics to discuss with your team in sales meetings

E-Mail TACTICS Cards provide salespeople with a tool to reinforce successful selling skills.

The E-Mail TACTICS Cards consist of 52 individual cards that are emailed to subscribers over the course of 52 weeks. Each Thursday, your weekly E-Mail TACTICS Card will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment in an email.

Still have questions about all this? Click this link to take you to our E-Mail TACTICS Cards Questions & Answers page.

Already know about the quality of E-Mail TACTICS Cards from one of our tens of thousands of subscribers? Well, if you are ready to order, contact us at 1-800-899-COACH or by email at And “Thank You” in advance for your order.

Want to view a sample E-Mail TACTICS Card? Here's how to see the quality with no obligation. Click on the following links to take you to our Sales E-Mail TACTICS Card Sample or Managers E-Mail TACTICS Card Sample to download sample E-Mail TACTICS Cards with our compliments.