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E-Mail TACTICS Card Cards Questions & Answers

Q: How do I order E-Mail TACTICS Card Cards?

A: Call us at USA (860) 563-0480 between the hours of 9AM and 4PM USA East Coast Time - Monday through Friday or email us at:

Q: When will my subscription start once I place the order?

A: Before a subscription can start, we have to process the charge on the credit card you used to place the order. After credit card approval (and, if that occurs before the 25th of the month) your new subscription begins on the first Thursday of the following month. Prior to receiving your first TACTICS Card, you will receive a sample email to test your ability to open and view the TACTICS Cards we'll be sending you in the future. If you experience a problem, you'll be given a phone number to call for technical assistance.

Q: What is Adobe Acrobat Reader and why do I need it for the E-Mail TACTICS Card Cards?

A: Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for downloading on the internet at no charge to you. Most importantly for you, regardless of the type of computer you have and operating system, when we send you the weekly TACTICS card in PDF format, you can see the card on your screen exactly as we wrote it and laid it out. Think of your favorite magazine for a second. Now imagine that same magazine appearing on your computer monitor looking exactly the same. The only difference is that to turn the page, you click an icon. That's why you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Again, this program is free to download from the Adobe Corporation web site:

Q: What if I have trouble downloading, installing or using Adobe Acrobat Reader?

A: Send us an email at and we will work with you until the problem is solved. This also applies for those of you who download the sample TACTICS cards and are not yet subscribers. We want you to see them!

Q: What if I can't get Adobe Acrobat Reader to install and just want to give up? Can I cancel my subscription in this case?

A: Yes. Send us an email at and we will cancel the amount charged to your credit card if you originally ordered the cards through Sandler Training/TEM. Please note that once you are receiving the emails with the weekly TACTICS Card attached as a PDF file, we have to assume you are satisfied and able to download and view them. At this point there is no refund.

Q: What if I have problems once I am into the subscription due to computer and/or software changes and/or malfunctions?

A: Send us an email at and we will work with you until the problem is solved. Please note though we are computer literate, our main focus of business is sales training. There is no refund of the subscription price in this situation.

Q: What if my email address changes? How do I get the E-Mail TACTICS Card Cards sent to the new email address?

A: Send us an email at and we will make the email change-of-address within 24 hours of receiving the new one.

Additional questions?

If you could not find an answer to your question in the information above, please e-mail us at with the question and we'll respond promptly.